SAP Business One

SAP Business One was initially launched in Israel in 1996 under the name "Menahel" or "TopManage" in English. The company was founded by Reuven Agassi (CEO) and Gadi Shamia (VP of sales, marketing and product). The product was designed by Gadi Shamia and the head developer was Hilla Mazinter. In its first years TopManage was sold in the Israeli market only and was the first Windows/Mac business management product to be offered in the Israeli market. In 2000 TopManage started its global expansion into markets in Europe and Latin America. In March 2002, SAP purchased TopManage Financial Systems and branded their system as SAP Business One. TopManage founders Reuven Agassi and Gadi Shamia, took key executive positions at SAP following the acquisition. A year earlier TopManage's sister company TopTier, was also acquired by SAP. TopTier was founded by Reuven Agassi's son Shai Agassi.The acquisition allowed SAP to reach out to the midmarket through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers.

SAP Business Intelligence

Empower your people with 24/7, user-friendly access to the business intelligence (BI) and Big Data mining tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Our BI software and solutions – including ad hoc reporting, self-service data visualization and dashboards, predictive analytics, mobile apps, and more – can help business users improve performance and become more effective in everything they do.

SAP Business all-in-one

SAP offers complete, proven ERP / manufacturing software solutions with deep industry-specific functionalities that can evolve to best meet the unique and changing business needs of midsize companies in an affordable, predictable way. SAP® Business All-in-One ERP / manufacturing solutions are comprehensive business solutions designed specifically for midsize companies to enhance business agility, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen customer relationships. Based on the SAP ERP application and the proven methods and tools provided in SAP Best Practices offerings, SAP Business All-in-One solutions give midsize companies what they need to run their businesses efficiently and competitively.The SAP Business All-in-One ERP / manufacturing software solution is a comprehensive and flexible business management software with support for industry specific best practices built in. It assists in helping you manage everything from financials, human resources, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and product development to customer service, sales, and marketing in one configurable solution. Available from SAP and over 1,100 SAP partners in 50+ countries, SAP Business All-in-One solutions can be readily configured to meet the business requirements of midsize companies in any industry. SAP Business All-in-One is a best fit for midsize companies looking for the most integrated and complete industry ERP / manufacturing software solution to support their business end to end.


SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (or SAP S/4HANA) is a business suite offering that is built on an in-memory computing platform called SAP HANA. Previously, SAP products were designed to run on several database platforms, including those from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.The platform SAP HANA has been available since 2010, and SAP applications like SAP ERP and the SAP Business Suite have been able to run on the SAP HANA database and/or any other database. However SAP Business Suite 4 only runs on the SAP HANA database, and thus it is packaged as one product: SAP S/4HANA. The offering is meant to cover all mission-critical processes of an enterprise. It integrates functions from lines of businesses as well as industry solutions, and also re-integrates portions of SAP Business Suite products such as SAP SRM, CRM and SCM.Analyst house Pierre Audoin Consultants said companies can reduce the complexity of their systems with S/4HANA because the platform integrates people, devices, big data and business networks in real time.SAP has said that the SAP HANA platform can potentially save an organization 37% across hardware, software, and labor costs.


SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for sales and service. The platform is composed of SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Service, which are marketed as separate entities by SAP. SAPCloud for Customer runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). It is available on a per user subscription basis.SAP Cloud for Sales is a cloud-based suite of sales-centric applications from SAP, a longtime provider of enterprise ERP and CRM solutions. As a modern, online evolution of SAP’s widely adopted on-premise sales force automation (SFA) system, Cloud for Sales offers applications for SFA, sales collaboration, sales enablement and predictive analytics. Built on SAP’s Hana Cloud platform, Cloud for Sales integrates well with SAP’s online and on-premise solutions. This allows businesses to continue getting the most out of their investment in legacy systems such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM.

SAP Cloud for Analytics

SAP Cloud for Analytics is an evolution of SAP Cloud for Planning which has been available since February 2015. The product, launched as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, is natively built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and provides a single user interface for all end-user capabilities. SAPs vision is to provide all enterprise analytics capabilities - BI, Planning, Predictive, and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance), in a single product with a single user interface. These four area’s form the key components of SAP Cloud forAnalytics.This allows user to do their jobs in one experience/workflow instead of having to jump between different applications. For example, a financial planning professional can access and analyse data, create a report, collaborate with others, and submit a forecast in one product, as that’s what their job requires.

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