Oryx Africa

Oryx HR

 Oryx HR is a web-based human resource system that manages employee information, enhances productivity, boosts relationships, simplifies HR processes, and aligns with the organization’s vision

Oryx HR Modules

Employee Central Performance & Goals Payroll
Employee, Manager & Admin Self-service
Goal management
Integration with Human Resources module of SAP Business One/BYD
Time off Management
Perfornamce Management
Creating as many employee wage information as required with salary history
Employee Directory
Performance Appraisal
Multiple payroll runs
Leave Allocation
Route Map
Loan Calculation
Leave Request
Goal Wizzard
Tax Calculation
Leave Approvals
Update of SAP Business One/BYD GL with payroll output
Employee Profile
Multi-Currency assignment of wage information
Public Profile
Custom Reports
Personal Profile
Maintain casual worker payments
Salary advance pay-out and deductions
Organization Information
Pension calculator and much more
Employment Information
Overtime processing
Job Information & History
Discontinue Payment for employee
Academic Information
Payroll Workflow (optional)
Hospital Visit
Send Payslip (Bulk or Idividual)
Employee Termination
Payroll Journal Posting to Remita, and any other compatible 3rd payment app
Employee Suspension
Employee dDocument Manager
Employee Payslips
Contact Management
Oryx HR comprises the following modules;

Employee Central & Employee Directory

  • Holidays
  • Leave Allocation
  • Leave Request
  • Leave Approvals
  • Work Schedule
  • Leave Account
  • Module
  • Management
  • Leave request Transitions
  • Workflow States
  • Workflow Setup
  • Workflow Groups
  • Medical Care Plans
  • HMO
  • User Roles Assignment
  • User Control
  • Company Definition
  • Business Units
  • Division Roles
  • Department Roles
  • Sub-Business Units
  • Organization Unit 

Performance and Alignment

  • Goals Alignment
  • Goals Cascade
  • 360 Reviews
  • Calibration
  • Team Rater
  • Identify Top Talent
  • Audit Trail