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SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a complete solution comprising project management, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, financials, management reporting, and human resources. It provides the complete end to end business process integration – flexible, extendible cloud solution, so customers can focus on their business and not on Information Technology.

SAP Business ByDesign solution includes the following modules for enhanced business operations:

The key financial capabilities supported by SAP Business ByDesign are:

  • Working capital optimization
  • Multi-GAAP accounting
  • Unified financial and management accounting
  • No reconciliation effort within accounting
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Separation of responsibilities

SAP Business ByDesign CRM manages:

  • Marketing
  • Sales¬†
  • Service

The project management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign has been designed to fill the gap. Its key characteristics include:

    • Management of Projects of All Types and Scopes
    • Interactive Project Planning
    • Integrated Project Staffing and Procurement
    • Integrated Self-Services Supporting the Project Team
    • End-to-End Process for Project Sales
    • Integrated Financial and Management Accounting

SAP Business ByDesign supports the new approaches that companies are using to redefine the role of purchasing and enables them to increase their purchasing performance.

SAP Business ByDesign provides companies that have extensive warehouse and logistics operations with comprehensive warehouse functions that are directly integrated with financials.

SAP Business ByDesign Human Resources manages the following:

  • People and Organization Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time and Labour Management
  • Resource Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Data Privacy Management